Hatchi & Hatchi is a Johannesburg based company whose mission is to efficiently provide quality and reliable mining and industrial equipment and spares in the most cost effective, professional and client fulfilling way.


Hatchi & Hatchi aims to achieve profitable and sustained growth in offering its core business services in  South Africa and the rest of South-Central Africa by providing an unprecedented quality of service to our clients.


Hatchi & Hatchi was established as a supplier of Mining and Industrial Equipment including, but not limited to Valves, Pumps, Water meters, Steel Pipes and Chemicals. It was formed on the basis of providing solutions to any company or individual requiring such products and services by being the supplier of choice. Our target market therefore includes, but is not limited to, the mining industry, the manufacturing industry, the construction industry and supply companies.


Hatchi & Hatchi is a company registered under the laws of South Africa with a presence in Zambia as a Limited Company whose vision is to be the preferred service provider in its industries of operation.



To efficiently provide quality and reliable mining and industrial equipment and spares in the most cost effective, professional and client fulfilling way.




Through our belief in God, our entrepreneurial spirit, drive, determination and diversity we want to be recognized as a world-class supplier of mining and industrial equipment and through this establish ourselves as a market leader in South Africa and beyond.



  • Professionalism – We at Hatchi & Hatchi believe that a company is made up of individuals from different backgrounds and that each individual within the company is a customer who deserves to be treated as an intrinsically valuable member of the company. An atmosphere of growth, personal development and a sense of responsibility shall always be a major concern.


We believe in team spirit, in effective and confident co-operation, creating an environment of honest praise, constructive criticism and fair reward where it is due. Who we are inside shall reflect who we are externally. Our relationship with our customers will enthuse with warmth and a genuine desire to meet their needs. We will reach out to customers in a holistic and organic way that will make the customers true stakeholders of Hatchi & Hatchi.


  • Pioneering – Hatchi & Hatchi is a company committed to finding the best way forward in a fast moving and technologically advancing world. To remain at the top, we shall relentlessly pursue innovative solutions and constantly grow our knowledge base with uncompromising passion for excellence.


  • Change – At Hatchi & Hatchi we have a culture of positive and effective change by encouraging one another to be inquisitive, think clearly and communicate effectively and embrace a wholesome atmosphere. Our focus is to positively transform our customers’ life and the communities in which we operate and this is summarised in the pay-off line “ Seek knowledge, Affirm success, Change the world”

Why are we different?

It is our spirit and inspiration that drives our vision.

Our faith in God inspires us into attaining the impossible

  • We have a burning desire and passion to make a difference in the communities and organisations which we serve
  • Our entrepreneurial spirit leads to believe strongly that “ If you try, you might, If you don’t, you won’t”
  • The summary of our promise to our staff, customers, shareholders and all stakeholders, based on our vision, mission and values is that “ We are inspired to make a difference”